YES, Felix’s asking for someone’s hand, and all of you, Sam, Sharon, Elisa, Dave, Jessica, Eugene, Cola, Lynn, will stand by my side and cheer me up.

The result is coming out next Monday(18th,Dec,2006).

It’s not a big chance, so what?! I still go for it!!

Come on guys, she’ll surely drop by this site during the next 7 days, so make sure you’re telling her what kind of man I am by leaving your comments(She can read English and Chinese).

11 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Felix ar...基本上是一个很厉害的人~

  2. Felix —
    Congratulations!  This woman is getting a fine, studious man! This news has made my day…. very happy for both of you!  Best of luck to you both!
    Dave R – 大衛

  3. Smart…I have to say…Studious…and Extreme(it depends on…not barely a negative describtion…sometimes this boost you to the peak)…Leftish in politics…
    Some fields as knowledge you are the professor with overwhelming authority…but something about lifes turn out you are nothing more than a freshman…I don\’t mean that you have to master those of all but at least you know just a little bit would make you perfect…

  4. e…i m not sure in what position should i present this, and to whom, but as a friend,he\’s great talent, mentally acute..sometimes a guy can insist on something when everyone have give up….he is tough as well. what else can i say, sometimes he\’s go a bit too extreme, but if i am talking to a lady who helping to block the "bad stuffs" on the interenet, i think you would easily found what kind of ppl felix is..it\’s still a extreme gap between those "bad suffs" and felix\’s blog. m i right?

  5. hey am I the only one that doesn\’t know what\’s happening here?? okok it\’s fine~~Well Felix is……an asshole~~hahahahahaha I\’m kidding!!!
    Ok seriously, this is a good guy! If he\’s really into you, lady you\’re lucky! He will do anything for you (well i guess so~haha). He will always be there for you! He\’s very smart and you can learn a lot from him~~~yes he\’s a little bit too kean on his own philosophy, and I hope you can save him from that~hahahaha!!!

  6. 咦?发了一段怎么不见了……重新来吧……

  7. 别人的评价不重要,重要的是他在你眼里是什么样的人,是会让你动心以致接受的人么?
    yes or no u can decide just at a blink of eyes.

  8. Felix 今天找了我很多次,我很抱歉for the late reply~!
    Felix- 他像一个艺术家,有很感性的一面,very sensitive and understanding,,but more than that,he\’s a leader, 很charm, by his point of view toward the popular topics, u can always gain sth. special from him. 在感情上,我觉得他是个蛮crazy的人,(不要骂我,哈哈)很执著,敢爱敢恨!?~我不知道我说得对不对,可是我能感受到felix的认真~~~

    有一种人,你可以信赖他,Careful and Responsible.

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