This Is It

我相信你们大部分已经看了我的签名,表示支持的怎么几乎都是女同胞啊,我可爱的男同胞们呢? I truly thank y’all for the supports regardless of their ways, Jerry, Jessie, Krad, Ken, Kayry, Peck, Sweety, Stephen and Shog. I just want u guys to kno tat the promise has been made, and the promise will surely go on and be well kept, as long as Janet’s not married.

Yes, I’m definitely aware of the fact tat her feelin’ for me COULD fade away day by day for complicated reasons (which I prefer to keep personal), but I just wanna tell u tat, when tat promise was made, I thought sth beyond, beyond the possession of love.

So, THIS IS IT, I will not talk about this anymore, got shit load of work to do and fuckin’ life to go on, y’all take care~!

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