The Red Bra

She was wearing a red bra, even the color was not clear enough agaist the white outlet. When I got ahead of her, I glimpsed at her tits, decent size for a 5 feet 1 inch girl, I guess it was 34C. She entered the classroom a few steps behind me and took a front seat while I took a back one. For the following 20 minutes my eyes hadn’t get off her body. She had a angel-like face, though her smiles suggested that she might be a nincompoop just like millions of others.
A red bra on a sophomore, does it imply that she’s a very sexually assertive and passionate girl, and experienced in rendez-vous? I’d like to ask her out, indeed I would, if I still have the time as much as I had 1 year ago. Yeah I know all I want from her is just her tits and pussy( or mouth?), rather than a heart-felt conversation, but she would’n know about the truth until next day morning.
I think I need a normal sex life.
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