The Last Hangman

Although death is often showed in the clip, but certainly not the point that director wants to talk about. It’s about what does he do and the fallouts. You can never put away the sufferings with your eyes shut, it may seem to be working sometimes, but never truly is, for they are just accumulating secretly, waiting in the dark corner for the time to overwhelm you at one blow, for Mr. Pierrepoint, that’s the time when he eventually had no way to separate the two: his job and his life, like he always did, cause the convicted was his only intimate friend, his old pal.

"Leading them to the gallows and pulling the trigger is one thing, but standing with them and seeing the absolute death in their eyes is another." This physically easy but metally torturing job was reckoned as a dirty and filthy or even guilty one, "you will have no luck for the rest of you life", by the ignorant mass, thus clearly not suitable for anyone who tries to have a peaceful life.

Anyhow, it’s indeed very hard to "approach his grisly duties with pride, professionalism and a stoical detachment", which makes him quite a admirable man differs from the groceries delivering lad he used to be.


p.s. Aye~ Do I miss the English accent!

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