The B Day, B for Banal

We do not regard what we know through the senses as wisdom, in Aristotle’s views, that just feeling hot when being close to a fire makes you no different from the animals. So, as I’ve been trying to avoid the ignorance, I don’t celebrate my birthdays, because I haven’t found out the reason why I should.

That day is near, family keep calling to ask if I need some extra things, like some extra money and a birthday present, it seems that it’s still too hard for them to accept the fact even though I showed my stance in my last 2 birthdays. How hard would that be?

If we take a further step and ask ourselves what’s the true meaning of the celebration we’ll probably be choked. Why should we celebrate the birthdays? Why we never celebrate the days people die? Birth is better than death? Can we prove that logically and systematically? Well perhaps you would say that if death is better, then people should be loving it and trying to kill themselves gratefully, but clearly that’s not the case. Yes, but that’s not enough to prove birth is better than death thus you have to celebrate it. Because life is so colorful and fruitful but dying is painful? Giving a birth is painful too. And according to the statistical data, "good life" just belongs to the minority. "Life is good because I choose it to be"? That’s a good point, I choose life to be nothing more than itself, which means, life is just life, upon which the properties and predicates are all artificial, I am here because of nothing, I am here because I am here, what I do now to make it better is just the consequent activity of that "being", I might do nothing and let myself die quietly, which’s I believe the same with the ending of the former one.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for". So what the hell do I celebrate my birthday for?

6 thoughts on “The B Day, B for Banal

  1. MPOV=my point of view:本是没什么东西,但是你celebrate了就有了.不是说一定要有意义才做,it\’s just a reason or an excuse people would like to have to make their painful life happier. so why not then? to live this fuc*ing life, dont need to be reasonable, but do what ever that makes u feel better…
    PS. happy birthday~!

  2. so, once again, my friend, we come back to the issue of what is happiness exactly. okay, we\’re not going to argue about that this time. anyway, ur "point of view" is very simple and pragmatic, just like ur other views. thnx. and, actually u can type the entire "fuck" in msn space.

  3. I am here because of nothing, I am here because I am here。——I like this one.
    while i was  on birthday,i got presents ,cakes, roses and so on ,but i don\’t care.
    the only one beside me head is that who am i  and where i will go .
    just a flsh.

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