Thank you, Janet

Among those of arts that inspire the reason nature within ourselves, painting is most distinguishing, for no better field that allows free and varied intents can be found in others. Sketch is the reason part of painting, if I may say, for colors only add the romantic sentiment which only serves to ornament, making it tolerable for the common.

The following is a picture of the gift from Janet, to whom I am full of gratitude.

The huge discrepancy between the western paintings and the Chinese "calligraphy" is the same discrepancy between the two cultures’ own aesthetic traditions, to put it in a simple way, the idea of "beauty". Actually it’s quite obvious, the ancient Greeks had successfully convinced the rest of the west that reason was equal to the beauty, for through the purification( reason has the function to purify our thoughts, as claimed by Aristotle ) our souls would experience something near to God. But the Chinese people seemingly consider something that’s "unreason" better than that of reason. I am convinced that it’s because of the worship of the Ti’en (Heaven, or Sky) among my remote ancestors (long before Confucius). As we can see the sky everyday, it rains, snows, blows the wind, drops the hails, strews the snowflakes, it can be sunny, windy, rainy , cloudy, it’s capricious and unpredictable, but always right, and has the power to judge our every single behaviour. So my ancestors thought that something close to this almighty nature would lift up our spirits, same as what the Greek believed to some extent. So to the Chinese people, something varies and unfettered means it’s exactly the most reasonable on the contrary, and thus beautiful, as you can see the example below:

I just want to say that I love them both, and thank you Janet again.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Janet

  1.       很久没有这样拿起铅笔静静地画画了,好好想想大概有7年了,好久了啊。晚上临睡前的几笔渐渐有了模样,到最后作品的完成,如果称的上作品的话,对我来说是一件值得纪念的事情。不仅仅是送给亲爱的felix的礼物,更是送给我自己的礼物。安静的,理性的,自然的,一切都在我的手中我的笔尖上流露,过程中有过烦躁,但终究是安静的完成。
          thank u Felix,too.

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