Thank You All

Things have been really shitty these days besides my work. If killing someone can solve the problem I definitely would, but sad thing is that’s not the way it is.

I just want to be a hot player with tricks and a smart brain in the business world, in the fucking market, in the fucking office, but NOT in the relationship, not EVER, cause it really sucks.

Plans, conspiracy, carefully chosen words, fuck that, I mean, what the fuck are those motherfucking things, they should only exist in the capital market, in my fucking career life, not PERSONAL life. I say what I wanna say, I do what I wanna do, I care about you, and I hope you care about me. If you don’t, fine, do whatever you like, I just wanna be myself.

I wanna thank all my pals for helping me through this torturing devastating heart-breaking dark period. YES, I do have friendship, THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING ABOUT ME, YOU GUYS MAKE ME FEEL THAT I STILL EXIST ON THIS SICK SAD WORLD, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I OWE YOU ALL.

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