So Google Wants Out

So Google said it on its blogspot site that it would withdraw its business from China due to the recent “sophisticated and targeted attacks” on its gmail servers. Well obviously it wanted to make all the people believe that the Chinese government was the only one to blame, for its notorious censorship, but, is it the truth?

I don’t think Google has the dominant market share in China, and even with the effort by its former CEO(CHINA) Kai Fu-Lee, the progress is still little. Yeah, the Chinese government may has something to do with this announcement of withdrawal, but if Google believed in its own principle so deep, why did it agree to the Chinese government’s censorship at the first place? Come on, let’s wake up, it’s a world of capitalism, it’s all about money and profit, if Google thought it could not make money in China, then it just had to leave for somewhere else that it could.
How simple is that, eh?

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