the recent heavy smoking got me sick. cough, sore throat, shit like that. i can almost smell the fever now. so i bought piles of fruit today, cost me more money than on the cigarettes. so guess i’ll have to spend that money either way.
ah… i still miss smoking … Mr. Phelps got busted when smoking pot, i think he’s cool, a friend told me that i should only try the dutch pot, i’ll see if i have the chance.

4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. You don\’t need any pot! That crap makes you lose all ambition. OK, here is old family remedy. Make hot tea, add lemon and honey. Add some whiskey (little bit). Drink a cup or two…. then get to bed and cover up.Don\’t smoke all the cigarettes I sent to you at one time! They are strong! Dave R

  2. To Dave: Thanks for the remedy, i\’ll try it tonight. and i m really looking forward to ur package. thnx again. and sure, i won\’t smoke them all at one time.To Janet: already doin\’ that….To Danniel: they don\’t sell the budha\’s hands here… sigh…

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