Roads To Ultimates

After finishing the Pythagoras part(Philosophy, History & Problems, by Samuel Enoch Stumpf), I came to a conclusion that the west are favor to the Absolute Order, which can purify their souls and then "achieves a unity with God and shares his immortality".
But instead of worshiping specific gods, our ancestors conceive the sky as a whole personified but not tangible god, whose constant changes made them think that the Flexible Order was the best and ultimate order for the human society. Being flexible does’t mean being random, it is a way to suit the law of nature. The realization of the flexible relationship between someone and the nature would enable himself to become a part of the "sky", or, god of heaven, thus he reaches his ultimate.
Certainly there’re some huge differences between these two consitutions of human ultimate. Take "pure" and "immotality".
The Greeks and their successors think that our souls should be purified, but the chinese think that every aspects (in some flexible order) of human beings is a necessary part to suit the nature.
As of the immortality, obviously it’s something that wanted by people across the races. But according to the ancient wisdom of Chinese, death’s also a natural state, someone would have to think beyond the death gain his own immortality.
Realization these two religeous ultimates help understand the mordern fundermental principals of the west and China, say, law and virtue, and why mathematics is far more important in the western civilization than in any other cultures.
P.S. I think the sex rite described in the Da Vinci Code has no substancial purpose. Its way of experiencing God does nothing to help reach one’s spiritual ultimate, one might just feel like being close to God, but never really is.

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