Reason, Proof or Lack Thereof

So if you are in a forest or by a lake etc, and take a look around, you’ll find everything is in order, none of them is disorganized, and this is what I called REASON, unlike most of our prominent philosophers.

In the philosophy of arguments, reason is the ability of the human mind to form and operate on concepts in abstraction, in varied accordance with rationality and logic —terms with which reason shares heritage. Reason has traditionally been claimed as distinctly human, and not to be found elsewhere in the animal world. (Wikipedia)

But if we ask a further question, that why we should form and operate those concepts in abstraction, then what anwser we will get? Nothing but DESIRE, we just want to do it, or just some of us want to do it. So at this level, it connects us, as human beings, to the animals and the vegetable plants. Everything we do day in and day out manifest not the intellectual ability to pursue the ultimate truth, which Aristotle declared, but simply the inner pulse of our physical body. And this brings about my definition of Reason: Reason means how far you can fulfill your desire list. What’s a desire list? According to the theories of modern economics, desire is a ordinal magnitude, thus there’s a list which tells us which one of them comes first and last.

Suppose you have desire A, B, C & D, and its order is A>B>C>D(we’ll talk about why it has to be this way later), then if you put B before A, meaning B>A, you get a disorganized pair of desire, to which a variable T denotes(now T=1). The bigger the T is, the more irrational you are. Now you may ask, how do I know if it’s the right order? Usually we don’t make it out of our current status of emotion, please note that I am talking about a long term desire, which is different from passion and impluse vary in almost every second(Actually whether time is a exogenous variable to this little theory has been puzzling me). Thus in order to justify our desire list, we need to know the value of opportunity cost (OC.)to specify the positions of each of them. If you have to drop C to gain B, so the OC of C is the utility of B, the smaller of a desire’s OC is, the more prevailing a desire is. Based on this, we can easily see that the OC of survival is so small and very close to zero, so almost every one of us put it on the front of the list.

Now we get a simple list of just four desires, much more fewer than our daily ones. Note that when we put more desires into the list, the chance we make a mistake and the chance we fail to fulfill rise. Therefore in this way, generally, human beings are the MOST IRRATIONAL creatures on this planet, comparing to the animals and plants, or the "dead" things such as mountains, rocks ect, which represent the Absolute Reason. At this point, I agree some arguments from Mr. Sigmund Freud.

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