Real, a Torino non passi

伟大与一般的区别,就是能后者所不能,能常人所不能。连续四轮不胜,连续两场败北,但依然击败了9次欧冠冠军 Real Madrid.

Sir Matt Busby 在慕尼黑空难10年之后年重新将 Man U. 带上欧洲顶峰,这就是伟大。

Del Piero 赛前说的一番话,无论是彼时还是现在去读,都别有一番滋味。
“You know how much I’ve missed games like this in the last two years? A great deal. Even when I was saying in public that I wasn’t watching the Champions League. I missed it and so did Juventus.”

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