Random Words on the Valentine's Day

Lovers and the flower industry may have Emperor Claudius II to thank for the holiday that warms the coldest month, well, maybe it’s not that cold this year. Anyway… Valentine’s Day again, does it mean anything to me…? Arr.. forget about it, why not? I do have a lover after all.

I think deep down inside we are all mentally instable or clinically depressed, there’re so many things in this world to crush us yet so few to cheer up, we are all overextended and need to fight the oppression for all our lives, and we hope maybe at least we don’t have to fight our lovers. but even we did, what’s the big deal?

Why can’t we have normal lives? but… what’s a normal life exactly? a life without a lunatic mother and alcoholic father? a life without skipping school and boiling all the coins to have some shiny things? maybe there’re only just lives there, life as a hitman, as a cop, a bitch, an innocent boy.

what’s the last time you had sex?

did you enjoy it?

maybe it looks pathetic when we have to scream to express the anger, but what looks more pathetic is, we hardly have any. Should I go to see a shrink? maybe i just need a hot shower and a nice massage, i need to be calm and relaxed… but hang on… i AM calm…

it has been a long time that i’ve been protected. time to face the world all on my own.

it’s very easy to become a psycho when falling in love, i m not talking about myself, i m talking about all the ppl who think they’re in love. they become naive and dependent, they gradually lose everything they have spent years to build up, a terrible love sabotages everything in their lives.  "never get too involved, never get too hurt", well, but there’re always some ppl who think they’re not afraid of getting hurt and longing to feel true love with full devotion, and not awaring they have other options.

come on, smart up, boys and girls, smart up, for once in a life time. you really think you can get closer to each other by thinking and talking of love every second? you need to get away from it in order to get closer to it.

my girl’s ex-boyfriend was really a psycho and perverted moron. he thought that i shamelessly stole his girl from him, kept calling her slut and then threatened her life and mine. well fuck that. my girl tried to split up with him 2 months ago before we got together, the only reason she failed was that moron started to wandering all night long then sent some fucking sms to her as if he was going to die, she’s a nice girl, and couldn’t stand hurting anyone, and that bastard knew it very clearly. being together is one thing, being in love is another, why is it so hard to understand for so many ppl?

whatever, i don’t mind it that much anymore, things’ll come around, sooner or later. so guys, happy Valentine’s day.

4 thoughts on “Random Words on the Valentine's Day

  1. Happy Valentine\’s day, my friend.
    I long to love and to be loved in the "too involved" way as you called it, but I understand that I can never love someone with this passion and don\’t get hurt. That\’s why I kept myself away from relationships. Maybe I\’m gonna die an old maid,haha

  2. 呵呵,好温馨啊~~过去的事情多想无益,珍惜现在拥有的吧,不要等到失去时候才后悔啊,祝你们幸福!

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