It’s been a while, o, it’s been a fucking long time, like… er… about half a year, that I kept screwing around with my career, my job, my only way to pay the rent and other shitty charges per month, which keeps me alive in this god-forsaken city of this great great country.
It’s probably, er… 100% my responsibility of those things got fucked up, procrastination, that’s the reason, i think, and I need to stop that, I’m going to stop that, for whatever the reasons, to save my job, to get a promotion. I knew what would happen before I fucked up those trivial shit, but I still let it be that way, I watched it happen, and I toke the consequence, and I’m choke up with that now.
I’m a professional, I’m a professional, I’m a professional, I know what they say, losers always whine about their best, winners go home fuck the prom queen.

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