It’s just like a game, or the game was created out of it, adding up some imaginations though. It’s all about the patterns. When u play PES War of Craft Need for Speed, Counter Strike, even Diablo, whatever ur game is, the first thing u need to do is finding the patterns. If ur enemy spells fire balls, u need to buy or find a fire proof blade, if he’s using an AWP, u don’t rush with a knife, if the street corner is 90 degree, u don’t shift up ur speed, or u will drift. Once the patterns are found out, the games become boring, so that’s why upgrades keep coming, they r to change the patterns in one way or another. In real life, usually upgrades come before u figuring out the old patterns, so, get used to it, u may master ur PC game, but u can never master ur life, in fact, nobody can, u just get used to it. So base on this theory, u will never find ur life boring, but actually we all do sometimes, well, maybe we r just fed up with keeping passing the ball with the keeper, not scoring in the back of the net.

Imagine that, ur magic blade becomes Iphone, ur divine horse becomes Bugatti, ur golden inventory becomes a big house on the beverly hill, and ur wife, of course becomes ur wife, or u choose to take a trip to the city of Dong Guan. For all these, u just need to find out the patterns, follow them, use ur god-damned brian to do some micro control of urself, and the rest is depend on God, who knows, u may die, well, obviously u will be still alive by tomorrow, but u may get robbed, sick or exhausted, physically or mentally, then u become disordered, that’s the way it is, u can either go back on track or continue falling, then u’ll know what butter-fly effect is.

The game kicks off the moment we were born, we may choose either enjoy or suffer from it, there’s no such button as "Exit to Windows" or "Load/Save", but "Commit Suicide", ur call.

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