On The Road

Religion fails if you do not devote to anything.

Seriously, loneliness is the most terrible experience in this modern world. Thanks to the revolution of technology and development of economy, the ways we believe in things have changed dramatically for that last hundred years. Atheism has sucessfully becomed a part of our nature, in a way or another, no matter how small or how big, it does exist, which distracts us from the full devotion to God, then terrible things happen when loneliness strikes from nowhere, the poor knowledge of either can hardly save us from the misery, we can find no satisfactory anwser to our dilema, nor ways of getting out of being pathetic, we all become wishy-washy, limp-wristed, turning to the mumbo-jumbo in the best-sellers, we may feel relieved for a while, but later fall deeper in the gaping hole.

Maybe that’s acceptable to some, but not to young men like me, we’re experiencing the most wonderful and most energetic period of our entire lives, we can not afford to waste it, we need to do something about it, we need to smart up, for once in life time.

Devotion is the crucial part of doing this. It maybe a tough decision, but that’s the decision we have to make, cause without it, we’re nothing but walking dead. Milton Friedman died this Thursday, I mourn him, to me he was a great man, for he had devoted his whole life in a displine just like hundreds of his eminent predecessors, no matter they were Christians like St. Aquinas or Atheists like Einstein.

With this enthusiastic and pious devotion we can face anything including the annoying loneliness, which would probably get dispelled. We maybe alone during the progress, but never lonely, cause deep down in our souls, we have company.

4 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. people say love is everything . id say you have to love what you do. thats whats more important. life without a purpose is pretty much living without life. i like this post.

  2. while  i feel  lone ,my parents occurred to me ,and i got happiness;
    when i feel  alone,myself  accompanied me,and i got the power…

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