Old Buddies

Couples of days ago, Sam, Jay and I hung out again in the downtown. Given we were just three boring guys, the decision on what to do after the supper seemed hard to make. So Jay started calling ppl( Cheung Tsing Yee etc. ) But no one wanted to come out for our sakes. I knew if JJ and Sharon would come out if they were in this city, not thousands of miles away. So we wound up crapping & wandering in the middle of the street that in the middle of the city in the middle of the night. I think there’s an unspoken obigation of us that we should hang out with our old school friends when we are on vacation, but why?
Naive and innocent we once were, we are all different now. At that night Jay kept murmuring that he was from the inferior majority while Sam  incessantly emphasized on his bachelor degree in UK which made him become an official intellectual, meanwhile, JJ must be busy with her Rolls Royce thing, and Sharon, God knows what was she doing in Sydney. Back to six years ago, we were all playing and laughing together in the same classroom, and no one was better than another. But the innocence must die, we’ve made different choices along the way, sometimes we don’t have a choice, some hardly ever have a choice. After all these years, should we meet together again when nothing in our lives is going to be better because of it? I doubt there’s any fun in chatting with someone who’s in a different social class, esp. a superior one.
Well, perhaps we organize and attend this kind of reunion for some other purpose, say, building connections for the future career, thus, we’re no longer attending an alumni reunion, but a vanity fair.

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