Number, Delusion and Truth

 If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is. ~John Louis von Neumann


Inspiring huh? Perhaps more inspiring than any other quotes I’ve heard before. In economics, you put some variables together, draw a diagram, and calculate with the regression equations then you’ll got the relationships among those variables which can represent almost anything in this universe as the economists tend to assume. How simple it is… If the variables and equations are sufficient, then we can get a nicely model named "world" or "human life". Gee… that would be something. It’s so pure, possibly the purest way that Plato had ever thought of.

From Aristotle, Newton, to Einstein , we have come a long way in search of the truth of this world.

W stands for Wisdom, t for time, and the capital T for Truth. As the t approaches the infinity, we, human beings, will one day unveil the Absolute Truth, theoretically. But that’s just math, even if you can come up with some statistics conclusion, they’re still bloody numbers. Are you expecting to figure out the truth of this visualized world by just a few numbers? I’m sorry I’m not a mathematician, however regarding  economics, physics or any other empirical sciences, the later scholars always find the way to deny the theorems of the formers, thus we’ll never know the truth until the end of the time, which means infinity.


"I always believe in numbers, in the equations and logic that lead to reasons. But after a lifetime of such persuade, I ask what truly is logic? Who decides reason? My quest has taken me through the physical and metaphysical, the delusional and back. And I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reason can be found."


Einstein once said, that sciense is another kind of religion. I believe John Nash fully agreed with that, optimistically. But believing is something to do only with oneself, with one’s life, hardly have full concern with the truth. If you decide to believe in something in all aspects, you will drop, omit something. Skepticism is always my favorite, even Skepticism on Skepticism itself (it’s very exiciting though dangerous, sometimes I just feel like that my soul, my spirit outflow from the body, fly up to the sky then look back at it, and things around, then all of a sudden I collapse, I can think no more further, cause i feel like my brain is being tore apart and I m just standing at the line of being insane). I agree that numbers are very accurate and convincing, but they’re only accurate and convincing when they are numbers. This universe is not made with numbers, at least not in this dimension, not in this visualized world. Delusions and illusions are everywhere, we are still not sure about some most fundamental thing of all displines derived from the Hellenic philosophy. For example, we are not even sure about what we see with our eyes are all the same. What’s red, yellow and blue? Is red in my eyes the same in Sharon’s eyes, Jessica’s eyes or Aristotle’s eyes? If yes, can we prove that?


The western people see numbers in everything, even in the paintings or other art works, while the Chinese see "truth" directly in everything, despite of the ambiguity. Well I’ve to admit that both are intriguing, but also both wanted. Would the combination work better? Maybe, maybe not, no one can be sure that the truth only consists of these two parts.

3 thoughts on “Number, Delusion and Truth

  1. Apprentice is typical that Trump focus on number every second,which strongly impresses me.As you said,that\’s a kind of believe and way of reckoning the world.I believe that having a good sense of counting and memory is a fundemental incentive to success.May u do.

  2. indeed,there are quite a lot of ppl who believe numbers represent precision.while ignore the role sense plays in the acess to some occasions,numbers may turn out to be cheaters.
    in some degree,numbers are drawn from phenomenons,still not the direct reflection of what hides beneath.

  3. I agree. I believe that everything in Jessica\’s eyes has a label–Jessica\’s own.
    ps: 王老师认为:It\’s a perfectly structured essay, well done! ^^

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