Meaning Of Life

The meaning of life consists of every moves we make in our life, that is to say, until the death comes, we won’t possibly know the meaning of our lives.
The forgoing "statement" from me is based on the following thoughts.
"Whether there is a meaning to any person’s life might depend upon whether the universe itself has some overall purpose."
"Each part of the body has a function: the eyes to see, the heart to circulate the blood, and the lungs to supply oxygen. Aristotle asks whether it makes sense to say, on the other hand, that every organ of the body has a purpose but that, on the other hand, when all these organs are united into a complete person, such a unified person has no specific function or purpose."
I think, the reason why we, as complete human beings, lose the "specific purpose", is because we have too many "functions", while our organs only have one respectively. But just take a look at the every "specific" move we make, that’s the very purpose of that very second, and the purpose itself represents the very meaning. So this turns to be a algebraic matter : each decision we make and the consequent move represents one tiny piece of the ultimate meaning, which will emerge if we adds up all of the moves, and I doubt that’s the only way we have.
I’d like to add some words about God at this point: God, whatever you think he/she/it is,does urge us to make the moves. I think God provides the ultimate motivity to all our moves, that’s why we should carefully choose what kind of God we shall believe.

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