Live for today

We must make the best of things as they come along.
The world itself means nothing, since you’re going to die anyway, but just like what Sam said before, that it’s every little thing you do gives all the meaning to it. You are what you do. So I guess we all have to stick to something for a life time regardless of what others say. This doesn’t mean you can stick to everything you want, you are not the Almighty, you are mortal, so you have to drop something to get the rest done, which’s painful but worthy.
The pressure, big or small, is always there, waiting to crush you into pieces, you’d better have a strong mind. Sometimes the pressure comes from inside, it’s youself, your wild and illogical fantasy that pushes you to extreme, makes you insane, which can be the easiest or the toughest case to deal with. It’s all up to you.
The best part of being alive is you can have a bunch of good friends, who expand the boundary of your life and give you extra strength when you are shaking and quivering like an innocent but helpless child crawling in the dark corner. I love my friends.
No one understands you is a normal thing, cause everyone’s unique, you don’t totally get any one of your friends do you? So what really matters to you is that there is always at least one person around who backs you up no matter what kind of man you change into, whose name is Janet.

4 thoughts on “Live for today

  1. Enjoy reading your blog.
    Fluent words and deep thoughts.

    I  had been moved by your articles.even sometimes I can not fully understand them ,

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