Kitty On The Storm

A stray kitty had kept running from one dorm to another in search for food for the pass couple days, however little had she found, her misfortune did earn some merciful hearts, and probably including mine.

Her first uninvited intrusion encountered my unbending affection, the innocent eyes and plangent mews all went in vain, no food or water did I spare, but this seemed not enough to drive her away. She started her natural scratching on our wardrobes and plastic carpets, which ultimately got herself kicked out.

Her second entering became one of her painful memories. She strolled under my desk with her tail skimming through my legs, which made me somewhat itchy, when I tried to drive her away, she suddenly leaped to the desk, just one step to my uncovered computing machine. I toke no hesitation to grasp her body and threw her out, then she fell against the toilet’s door 3 metres away. I thought she might try to fight back, but to my little surprise, she just sit there and stared with her green shining eyes as if waiting for something. After a while, Seeing no any sign of intimidation of her, I gripped up some hair behind the neck and threw her again out of the front door.

I kicked her on the belly, trapped her in the toilet, and threw her like a bouncing ball, all turned out to show that she was an extremely docile kitty. To be honest, I really like her color, the royal white, but once thinking of that there might be thousands of lice behind it, she became a disgusting degraded thing. However, being impressed by her docility, someone suggested that she might be a tame cat who just got deserted. A TAME CAT, that would be a whole different story, I thought.

At the night before the storm, after she got kicked out from my dorm once again, I started thinking about whether I could gave her a fine bath and foster her. With my room-mates’s reluctant approval, I went out and tried to find her, returned with nothing but only a few mews in the distant. Since that, I had never seen her again.



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2 thoughts on “Kitty On The Storm

  1. God bless this innocent kitty.She looks just so pathetic.
    Has she always been wandering around in your buillding?Is this the same kitty that you and Nathan tried to catch months ago? 

  2. No, not that one, which was balack and much smaller. I think she just happened to drift here, now otherwhere, or maybe up there.

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