Got many e-books but tired of reading them on a computer screen? Then Kindle is your best solution. It’s another product that smart enough to match up the i series from Apple: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, you name it. It’s smart because it successfully built up an environment, a sound and solid ecosystem for the users, you can get Kindle, you get the access to millions of books or electronic documents at almost 70% discount, not to mention the free ones, and most important of all, you can read them in Kindle.

The e-ink technology assure that you’re going to have the best reading experience of your life, if you ever read a paper book. Some people say it’s just like reading a paper book when holding a Kindle on the hand, but I say it’s more comfortable than reading a paper book. Just like what God did back then, he didn’t create human beings first, but built a perfect world, if you know what I mean.

Why not just buy an iPad? If you ever used a Kindle, to read books, to shop in the Kindle Shop, to subscribe newspaper, magazines, then you would never make such hilarious question, for they’re so different, made for totally different purposes. You don’t read on a multi-functional entertainment device, you glance, then you forget when you push the home button and start a new application, web browser, game, camera, and so forth. And I seriously doubt that you would put a serious book into an iPad, cause magazines would be your number one choice. Yeah, it’d be best that we can have them both, but remember, they are not substitute to each other.

Copycats in China seem still don’t get this idea, for the fact that the manufactures are video game companies, hand-writing device firms, but not the book selling corporations. That’s why people here don’t tend to use this kind of product, they don’t have stuff to put into, just like an iPhone with no App Store, plus the product they make is not iPhone, not even close.

P.S. Geek time, the following features are the ones that I reckon as most important ones that help make Kindle a historical product.

  • The E-Ink Technology, makes it more real than reading a paper book.
  • The Kind Shop, vast resources on at very cheap prices.
  • The Conversion Service, enables you to convert almost every popular formats into Kindle-fit format. Do not just copy a PDF document to your Kindle, you’ll get disappointed.

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