I am not Chinese

"Do you, er, consider yourself as a Chinese? How would you tell to the foreigners where are you from?" Couple hours ago I asked my Sinkiang, or Uyghur (شىنجاڭ) friend Aid.
"Well I would tell them I am a Uyghurer from China."
"So you do consider yourself as a Chinese. But how? Do you notice that when ppl talk about Chinese, they think of us, the Han race, not you, who have the big supraorbital bones?"
"Maybe I would tell them I am a Uyghurer directly."
"Are you sure they know what that is?"
I showed my worries that the Han Culture would replace theirs under some policies from PRC. He sneered and shaked his head, said
"It’s impossible, we are the descendants of the Huns, we have lived in our land for centuries, we have our own religion, which you don’t have any, and distinguishing customs, both we hold very strongly, there’s no way to replace it with any other culture."
"But  I think the PRC Government inherits the traditional Chinese ideas on ruling this vast country, the Grand Unification, out of which it has implemented some policies on your land though on the surface it shows great cares and respects to your ppl and culture. I mean, it do put your language and the other 4 on the RMB notes, but if it really respect your culture, the official language should include yours."
"Indeed, that’s what we hate the PRC most. Let me tell you one thing, if the PRC really wants our culture to be replaced or whatsoever, we will fight agaist that to the last man."
The United States of America has two official languages, and Swiss has four. Confucius wouldn’t allow any other culture exit in this country even after it had expanded, but obviously he wouldn’t say it directly, nor the PRC. I hope Aid and his ppl can well preserve their culture with the help from their Muslim brothers, and if the ppl in the East Turkestan really want to be independant, then I totally support them unless this country learns how to respect and preserve the civilizational pluralism.

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