Here's How I Gripe

I remember when I was a high school kid I used to watch the cartoon Daria, basicaly because of her cynical tones, like one of her remarks : This’s a sick sad world. I know it has been like this for a long time, but recently when I really get close to all this shit, I m like, going to freak out. Why people are so crazy and fucked-up?

Tom & Jerry

The ofCom company’s gonna removed some occational cigarette scenes from the cartoon loved by millions of kids and adults who used to be kids decades ago because of only 8 complaints that Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse, shouldn’t be smoking as if it’s something to be proud of. This’s absurb and funny, is this how they running the business around the world? 

Voyeur For Money

Member of Hong Kong Pop star band Twins, Gillian Chung, was taken photos inside the dressing room when performing a concert in Malaysia. Who did this shit? The paparazzi of course! Whoelse?!  I mean they were really fucked up, now they are condemned by the mass and soon will be sued which probably result in a fine of more money than their income of its circulation this year, for having shooting some fuzzy photos of a woman’s body whose size is only A Cup!

I remember that another pop star, Daniel Woo from Malaysia, suffered the same shit about 5 months ago. But obviously he responded more efficiently by posting up her outrage on web rather than crying like a poor babe all day long which’s very likely to make those poverted morons who buy those stupid magazines more high, and that’s exactly what Gillian did. 

The Coming Collapse on China

That’s the title of a book wrote by a Chinese American, Gordon Chang,  published in 2002. It basically said that China was going straight to hell in about 5 years because of its econmic flaws were doomed. Now, things are like, couple weeks ago, the Chinese Central Bank raised the interest rate to supress the overgrowing real-estate market. I mean was Mr. Chang making a prediction or just another buzzword for his book? If he really wanted China to go to hell in 5 years, he should’ve kept his mouth shut or report his research secretly to Washington or Tokyo or even Taipei. Now he has listed out these fatal defects of China’s economic system, what was he up to? Trying to be a  good adviser and Doctor to Peking? 

Apply For Postgraduate Study

China has a very different system of doing this from UK or other countries in the world. Thousands of students take the same exam papers after applying for different universities. And during the preparation of the exams, there are tons of assistant tutor classes which are enrolled by most of the applicants and giving a lesson in a big hall full of people. Generally these classes open from 8 am to 6 pm with a 2 hours of mid-day break. The tutors, drew from professors of universities, try desperately to stuff you the fomulas and equations, and they try to make you feel bad because you can’t solve some god damned fucking matrix problem!


Alright, I guess you’re already getting sleepy of this, yeah, you may say things like the above are everywhere in any period of human history, I know that, so I’m just like, gripe on the web, and then go on living with them. But still, FUCK!

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3 thoughts on “Here's How I Gripe

  1. Of course there a so many stuff annoying us,or just not bright~ 
    wherever and however you touch the spicy future,without any  oppugn,U are unmatchable(exept PE with me..)

  2. Hi Felix —
    A very interesting post! I hope your studies are going well… Don\’t be afraid to gripe too much on your blog! As I said before, it is a good way to relieve tension! Hop to catch you online soon!
    Dave R – 大衛

  3. people jjust try everything to get a little care/focus, no matter the path they toke is positive or nagetive, it only shows the world is cold..

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