Hard Candy

If he was a pedophile, then I don’t see there’s problem with Hayley’s punishment. But the question is, she never got a single piece of  evidence that convincing enough to prove he was the one.
This’s the first 2-person film I watched, there was a similar one whose most story also happened in a small place, called "Treed Muray", though inspiring, but this one’s shocking and nearly drove me to the extreme, it got me sweat.
I think the director did a good job on creating a continuous tense and explosive situation.
The western directors are getting smart now, you will never know what it will turn out until the end.
I don’t think I will meet with any teenage girl on the internet from now on. The film’s such an antidote.
Some net-pubs around my campus classify it as a horror movie, which’s bullshit. Don’t be misguided, guys.

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