Fucked Up

So here comes the tragic, or pathetic thing again, you only contemplate on yourself only if you feel pain, frustrated, say, meeting major setbacks, which might seem so small to others, yet enormous or even overwhelming to you.

They keep saying, everything is a test of God, regardless of its disposition, good or bad, either of the two are relevant to the other, well, that’s the ancient Chinese’s thoughts anyway.

There’re always setbacks, and we hate them, does it mean we hate to put a scrutiny on ourselves even that would make us a better person? I don’t know, for it means nothing if I knew. I hate setbacks, just like everyone else, just like you, especially when they came right after some significant advances of my career, my shining moments, spot lights, cameras, applauses, then, boom, the hammer right on head, followed by the dark and agony.

I may not believe in God, but I DO believe in consequences and logics, which means I believe that everything has a reason, and to the setbacks, trust me, there must be A LOT of reasons.

No medal for quitters. That’s the quote I lately learnt from the novel “Mortal Pursuit”. Yeah, no medal for quitters.

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

Why? Cause you learnt, you dick head, you fucked up, and you learnt, that’s it. None of the social courtesy would cheer you up if you really figure out what’s going on with yourself, there’re always more hiding underneath the surface, the hallucination, the tempting cheap easy reason to the atrocities.

You’ve got a hell lot of work to do to stop making the same stupid mistake again.

1 thought on “Fucked Up

  1. Just as TalBen Shahar said in his famous lecture positive psychology: learn to fail or fail to learn, there is no other way to succeed.

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