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Reviewing a typical CCP movie like Da Jue Zhan (Desicive Battles) in the dawn of a new year, the year of China PR’s 60th anniversary, is an interesting thing. I can see that General Lin Biao, though contributed a lot to the final victory on the civil wars in reality, was still put to a KMT-like character, his lines were as simple as "get the fucking building back for me!!", the details of the strategy left to his assistants. This makes me recall the missing statue in the Top 10 Generals Memorial in my hometown Canton, that one was General Lin Biao. Sigh… when can our government face its own history and open it to the public, how hard can that be, and what damage can it do?

2 thoughts on “Face It

  1. 历史就是历史。。。无法被改变。。。只可惜。。。普通人读到的历史都是由胜利者撰写的。。。

  2. The Chinese conflict is similar to other countries because we all pursue behoof, private development and family outlook~the difference located in that C bury sth. But we all know the former, that\’s enough,guy.

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