Do we really hate the Japs?

75 years have passed and our govenment is still stressing on the significance of this event, which happened more than half a century ago, 18 years before the PRC was established. Flood of threads and posts in BBS and Blogs showing how sensitive and patriotic we are when it comes to something related to the Japs. But do we really feel the the same way as we seem to? Do we hate the Japs as the slogans we put on the banners? Perhaps we do, basically I can come up with 3 main reasons why we hate them, but followed by questions.

No. 1, Invasion. I asked 2 Japanese guys, one when I was about 15, and the other when 17, that would they agree that their army invaded China 70 years ago, both of them said YES, without any hesitation. Why should they? That’s one of the most common events happened during the course of human history, the Roman empire conquered all of the europe, north Africa and the Asia Minor, even our ancestors who tried so hard to emphasize that this country should be ruled under morality, they still invaded many bordering nations. There was no an internationl court that could actually sanction countries which cause the war, like the situation in the outlaw zones full of vulgars, people often fight each other to gain more interests. We were so weak a century ago, but still hold a huge amount of tresure and vast lands, so why shouldn’t the Japs invade us? We still do the same thing in the modern world, though not with guns and cannons, but multinational cooperations.

No. 2, Inhuman Massacres. Well I guess this is the dominating reason we hate them, they were so cold blood and degraded, probably the most degraded one ever of all human races. But that was a WAR, a war before United Nations was established and the civilized globalization. We can’t possibly ask someone in war to meet with the criteria of social courtesy or any requirements of humanism. Winning is the ultimate goal, anything else is bullshit. The first emperor of China, whose army buried over 400 thousand prisoners alive in 260 BC, 400 years later, about 1 million Jews were slaughtered by the Roman troops. But do the people of Hebei Province, whose ancestors were those prisoners, hate the people of Shanxi Province? Have the Jews today ever asserted that they should revenge the insult?  I don’t think so, cause that tragedy had become history, and didn’t happen to them, or their parents, or even their grandparents, that only exists in books. They hardly feel a thing about it, neither do we. Okay, we might get very angry and furious when watching the movies made by the state-owned manufacturers and a small period of time after that, but then we would once again back to work, busy making money to buy our favorite tv sets or laptops from Japan.

No.3, Japs never say sorry. Okay, they are so cheap and shameless not to apologize. But even if they did, does it make any difference to what happend?  Would Osama Bin Laden require United States to say sorry for Afghanistan and Iraq? No, he would just simply kick the ass of uncle sam in response.

Today is the so-called National Humiliation Day, and I respect that, but I doubt that how serious we are on this issue. We are waving fists and shouting as if there is really a national hatred against the Japs, when heard of the news published by the state-owned, or the party-owned media. Does it imply anything to you?

8 thoughts on “Do we really hate the Japs?

  1. you\’ve came up with 3 questions which are really hard to answer,too hard for me to make any comment.but what i know is that, if  one do not adimit the wrong things he commit,i mean,if he thinks what he did is totally not wrong,or even be proud of it,he have every reason to do it again.and if it happened, that would be a disaster.i think that\’s one of the reasons that our government won\’t let it go.
    besides,remember the attitude of Germany government to Nazi,and the react of the european countries such as France?

  2. yeah of course i know that, but i think i have made my point quite clear, that those apologies are just political fakes, if the Japs want to do it all over again, they will do it even they have said sorry to us, it won\’t make a difference. I can give u a punch while I am smiling.

  3. Hi Felix!
    Well, I hardly think Japan is in a position to invade China again…. They may express "regret" or their actions… but they never really say "Sorry!" for what they did. It\’s too bad some people/national groups NEVER forget an insult. After the USA beat Germany and Japan… we went and built up their countries! We "forgot" the insult of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and the German atrocities. But in CHINA — the atrocities were truly horrific…. on a scale that is unbelievable. I do NOT think the Chinese People should EVER forget that tragedy…. I think China and Japan should be friends — but, as we say here… China needs to always "keep one eye open".
    Dave R. – Northsdad 大衛

  4. Thank you Dave. Yes, as the descendants we shall never forget what the Japs did to our ancestors, but I think that\’s it, ppl nowadays won\’t go further on this issue, which\’s sad. Personally I think some Japs who deny the catastrophy they did are disgusting, and I don\’t think I can be a friend of any Japs. I don\’t like them, seriously. But what disappoints me is, a lot of my fellows don\’t feel a thing about this.

  5. political fakes, yeah of course you are talking about that.but what could we do?not only in China,not only by our government,politics never refuse fakes and trickery.when they are planning to start a war,or trying to get support for some other things they are gonna do,they always make capital of people\’s feelings and it always long as our government is not going to commit something evil(whinch i believe is true),why can\’t we just figure out something reasonable to explain it and make ourselves a littile more comfortable? 
    and,besides,although gcd has some problerms here,we still can not figure out another better,why don\’t we just trust them as well as keep clear-headed? we love our country,don\’t we?

  6. i knew that,and i do appreciate your attainments to our traditional culture.
    you do not have to LOVE our present government,just try to take it less serious and don\’t let it bother you.maybe that way, more joys will come to you .

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