Chastity is not a virtue

I wrote this first in Chinese(not including the title), so please pardon the poor translation.

Few native Chinese men has not even a slight bit of Virgin Complex, which means, in a way, not only the present, but the past or even the future of a woman a man wants to have. Thanks to this distorted society dominated by men, whom great tolernce has been spared to, but little to women. The Western society used to judge a woman by her virgin status, say, the chastity belt used by the Crusade to their wives. I remember that in the late 19 century there was a reform of people’s attitudes toward virgin, and the Hippies in the 60s of 20 century made an even greater step.

I think we all agree that a woman never have to reserve anything of her to a man who doesn’t even exist. So what does it really mean when a woman has slept with a(or many) man before she meets you? Does it make her a slut? Well, if so, you really don’t think it would make her a slut as well when she sleeps with you? Dirty? Once touched, she will never be clean ever again, no matter how hard she tries. Wow~~~ What a vicious idea imposed on us, whom then use it to judge everything. I think this idea may be something derived from some remote religion, and only grew stronger as the time ages. But if we would be more careful, we would find the idea, which’s actually saying that a bowl can never be washed clean just because one has laid a single finger on it, more ridiculous than anything else. A woman(or a girl) is truely pure and chaste as long as she’s loyal to her beloved one and has strong self-esteem, regardless of her incomplete or being once had, just like the life of a flower, intact in color despite of the strikes of storms and bites of worms, and still fragrant in the air when crushed into ashes.

Therefore, I shall refuse to be one among the countless lovers whose love was sabotaged by this venomous idea which had been used to help the emperors and priests to retain their sovereign in the guise of true virtue for thousands of years.

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