The government that fools the people, frauds the people, fakes the people (out), shall not perish from this country. — CCP

Windows Live Spaces had been blocked for the last 3 days, by our people’s republic of government. I could still post a new entry and took an overview on the spaces, but not to click open any specific article nor add any comment, it always said "Page Not Found". But some friends in other provinces told me that they had no problem at all. So you may ask was it just a temporary local network error. Well, first off, you gotta know how does CCP’s petty block policy work. A site won’t be blocked entirely nor permanently unless its mission is to defame the Party. In most cases, like simply trying to search a senstive word on (not, which has compromised with CCP’s censorship), then it will only be blocked for 30 minutes or up to 3 days. But in some particular cases, such as a blockade on the whole, or couple of provinces, which was what I had been through, while other provinces’ network remain intact.

"In China, we don’t have software blocking Internet sites."

To me, it’s just something like:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

I have an excellent chance to get caught for writing the first line of this entry, so, if it did happen one day… Arhhhh…

I really don’t know what to do, I’m just a commoner.

4 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Felix, It\’s been in the news here that China has been been trying to discourage it\’s people from using the internet. i have tried to view your site during those 3 days and a message stated it was possibly being censored.

  2. i can still acess ur blog in last three days….hope u wont get caught~~haha~~what surprised me is things only will be blocked for 3days….i always think it will last for ever..unless u got some "background" or "connection"….
    anyway, i cant c the point of this, it does nothing but anger people.But the world is the same, governments r the same, just different standard…

  3. okay, thanks Mr.Anthony and Sam, I thought it would be no access problem for ppl from western countries, since CCP can just block the access from inside China. So if there was a problem in U.S., then I think maybe that\’s because Microsoft was trying to kiss CCP\’s ass.And, Mr. Anthony, I don\’t know about that policy, but what I am sure is, China\’s going to launch its real-name blogger registration program, which really sucks.Sam, of course they\’re the same, in a way, but you can still tell the big difference after all these years spent there, can\’t u?

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