Back In Town

Yeah guys, I am back to the Anglais now, if you feel like visiting my old CN website, maybe this’s the link:
Well things’ve changed a lot since I last time checked out here, and look how far I got, I mean, this world, this m*ther-fucking world is really teaching some shit, so I hope we, my friends, are all quick learners.
Since there’r too many things I can keep you updated, I choose not to. But there’s one thing that you might want to know, that I became a real addicted smoker. I know the boring warnings and got fed up with those horrible pics put up on the pack by the Gov, I mean, yeah, this thing is killing me softly, maybe I would die of it in twenty or even ten years, but so what? fuck it man, I’ll die tomorrow without that shit. You should smoke sometime, it’s really great.
I’ll keep all you guys updated later.

3 thoughts on “Back In Town

  1. Hi Felix!
    Sometimes I miss smoking SOOOOOO much!
    But I dont\’ need another heart attack!  Enjoy it for a while, my friend!  But soon, try to give it up.  Maybe cigars would be better?

  2. hi dave
    Cigar is indeed better but also much more expensive than cigarette. you don\’t want a hurry quick-smoking, cause that would harm ur health as well, so er, take it slowly.
    U.S. cigareets are far more mild than ones in China, local fatories hardly produce blend types.

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