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About 1 year ago there was a video clip on zdnet that told people how to become a professional blogger, or an efficient blogger. Just a few words of it still remain in my brain, like "don’t bloviate" , "if you update your blog once a month, then you’re not keeping a blog, you’re running a website, it’s just not updated very frequently." But I think that’s just what "the first generation pioneer bloggers"(a well-known classification of the history of blogging in China, IT Pros, as the first, then journalists and the celebrities) do, not a student like me.

Everything I posted here is original, though not wonderful. I picked them from my daily thoughts and filter out the crap then proceed to post online. It maybe look easy, but actually not when I have to maintain the frequency. There’s an old adage in China, "speak out when something really hits you", well, usually I can be hit twice or thrice a day, but the hard part is the filtering. Like most of you, I can’t and I won’t post everything I got in mind online, which’s either plainly stupid or fake. What’s harder is the length. Obviously I am not a poet, whom I admire, nor a creative and prolific joker, and this is a public blog, so I have to write something organized and long enough to show my respects to all of you rather than just drop a few randome words like "i m so fucked up today" "ryan is an asshole" "my period hasn’t come yet this month" etc. Yes, I don’t have to do that, but my audience don’t have to come here neither. Just be myself? Well unless you’re the last one on this planet or you can not always be yourself esp. in a public space like this. But surely there are some exceptions, there always are, that some entries in my pal Sam’s blog, though very short and not poems, are very intriguing.

I had been trying to write about something meaningful for the past week, and some raw views were already in my mind, but days had been very tense due to the exams(Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Law), so, that’s why this’s written, better than nothing. Actually there were indeed 2 things I considered as interesting. I donated 10 China Yuan(1.27 US $$) to a fund raising held by some fressmen for a boy who had brain tumor, when I was on the way to the student study rooms, and when I left, I forgot to pack a book into my bag, 10 minutes later I realized that so I returned, but the book was already gone. So at that very second, I was thinking, "is that what charity returns?" The other one was a break-up. "On one of those sober and rather melancholy days in the latter part of autumn when the shadows of morning and evening almost mingle together, and throw a gloom over the decline of the year, I passed several hours in rambling about"(–Washington Irving) a mall in campus, which seemed to fit for a haunt of solemn meditaion and secrete observation on people around, a hunk passed by, with his shirt flipped on his shoulder, then all of a sudden a girl couples of metres behind screamed with pain, "Are you serious?!" 3 or 4 seconds later, it turned to be a cry. Obviously she just got dumped, efficiently. "It was a quick one", I thought. As I walked on, I took a glance at the girl, she was too devastated to bear the weight of sadness, feebly leaning against a bench beside her, but her cry was almost buried by the cheerful music from an open ball nearby. Sarcasitc? I think so, that’s why they are interesting to me.

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10 thoughts on “All Right

  1. hey!
    tryin\’ to improve my english by reading some blogs.. yours is such a good surprise, u know what? u managed to make me laugh at 8 o\’clock, sunday mornin… well my comment is totally useless but please, don\’t bother, i haven\’t slept yet, just consider the fact that i loved ur blog!
    have fun!
    kenza (18, Paris, France)

  2. 嗯,我觉得事情有时必须换个角度想吧,可能你本来会丢钱包,但是因为charity return,你只是丢了一本书;或者你本来要丢十本书但是现在只丢了一本,这样就心理平衡了~呵呵

  3. Hi Felix!
    Hope the exams are going well!  Charity is ALWAYS a good thing when you are able to give to a worthwhile cause! One event did not cause the other to happen! But I\’m sorry you lost the book!!!
    I IDENTIFIED MY COIN WE WERE LOOKING AT THE OTHER DAY!!!!  I bought some VERY big coin books… but could not find it at first… thanks to your information, I was able to find it!
    Washington Irving — ??
    He is one of my favorite authors… I have read ALL his works! I especially enjoyed "Tales of the Alhambra" – You found an interesting quote!
    Dave R – 大衛

  4. Well, saying about charity, i do believe everything\’s related, but exception exists.
    And the girl you last described, she should have done something seriouly offensive to the man(if woman, i don\’t mind), and another possibility is the man don\’t worth the love. She didn\’t lost anything anyway~

  5. hey felix. i believe you should always write for yourself. the moment you try to hard.. its just not natural. but then hey. thts only my opinion. youre blog is interesting eitherways. so always a pleasure to drop by here ..

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