A Wish For the Chinese New Year

Life hasn’t been easy for me,
zero choice have I got,
God is nowhere, the mercy keeps passing by.
I was caponed,
now tied, and
waiting to bleed and die.
I was born for this,
wasn’t I?
May you human find pleasure when eating my flesh,
which’s full of curse,
the only proof of my existence on this world.

10 thoughts on “A Wish For the Chinese New Year

  1. wah, dear, 过年放甘血腥的相o既??haha~~
    I\’ve got ur email with the classmates\’ party pics~ they hav changed a lot ~~ why i did n\’t c ur face in the pics ne?? u always hide~~
    anyway~happy new yr~~

  2. ๑۩۞۩๑Boubou๑۩۞۩๑

    bonne fete de nouvel an chez toi
    au plaisir de te connaitre.
    amitiée " boubou "

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