A Man List

Dave made A Joy List couple weeks ago, which was very interesting. "Joy" is a strange word to me, like the treasure box in an isolated island guarded by griffins and dragons, I would have to fight so hard to get it. Yet during this fight, I see another tresure, the manhood (Sherry my dear, this time I say man, I only mean man, opposite to woman). So the following is what I make and call, A Man List.


1. A man knows that earning the respect and honors from his fellows is prior to the love from women.


2. A man knows when and how to self-restrain.


3. A man will keep his faith when in adversity, and calm in prosperity.


4. A man will fight to the end for his family.


5. A man will not tolerate any harm to his loved one.


6. A man is free.


Well, those are what I can come up with right now. Perhaps you will prolong this list or make a better one.

6 thoughts on “A Man List

  1. nice job. these are almost the most precious cahracters that a man can get,and if there were such guys with all these 6 characters ,he deserves the most joyful life.
    and ,this makes me  thinking of making a woman list

  2. yep, no guarantee that we can finish the list, but seriously, it\’s not that hard as you may imagine to meet these requirements, if you stop flirting with the chicks.

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