A Good Night

The dusk has gradually sedated the bustling world outside and started to reign again the face of nature. What a quiet day I had. Around me there’s nothing but stacks and piles of books, and a cup of hot water. My pen is helping me to approach to the church of wise souls by making notes. Thanks to the holiday, there’s only one roomate of the three left to keep me company, the one who rejoices in silence.

15 hours ago I was wakened from my bizarre but interesting dreams by the knocks of keyboard when a visitor was playing online games with my computer.The struggle between courtesy and self-interest didn’t last long as the drowsiness creeped over me again, I walked to him and suggested that he might want to leave. He seemed to know my temper well, took no hesitation to stand up and went back to his room. As the running machine stopped at last, the serenity which I had been longing for fell again into this humble and prostrate room.

I was still clear enough to think wildly after the departure of the visitor, lying on bed with the face to the dark ceiling. Nothing else was going to disturb me nor to drag me back to the noisy world of glittering fashion. The night was so tender, the holy repose extracted from her vast beauty had its moral influence all over me, every restless passion was charmed down, and I felt the natural religion of the soul gently springing up within the body. I knew I could experience nowhere else such kind of beautiful serenity of nature.

I remember that I had quoted before, "Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god." We all know that being lonely is one thing, and being alone is another. We all need to be alone sometimes, otherwise he might be "a wild beast or a god" as well. To me, that was the best time of being alone without feeling lonely, casue I know in this reverend darkness there was someone couple metres away sleeping, his gentle and undulate snores made me feel warm and secure, kept me away from fancying the scary and absurd tales made by the poor souls. If not better, I think I am more rational at night than at day.

9 thoughts on “A Good Night

  1. it had been a long period since i enjoyed my last sweet sleep,and untill seven days ago ,when my mom and dad came to accompany me,i got my sleep back. there are just so many stuff that keep me from closing my eyes,like endless thoughts that rush into my head, fear for darkness, noises,and so on and on.ever since i moved into the apartment i\’m living in righit now,i have always been keeping a light on through the whole night,like light can creep away every thing that bothers me,even knowing that this has no good to health and is just cheating myself.i enjoy darkness when i am awake and safe ,but hate it when i am feeling lack of security.

  2. I don\’t blame it when I feel insecure, for the evil night requires highly concentration of rational minds, which\’s a good practice for a man.

  3. some chansons may help you stay relievable,besides,
    I really feel that in darkness along sometimes,one can relax,soul-search and refresh himself.Just focus on the merit,and,I like darkness.

  4. it\’s alright mate, i m sure u like the darkness, esp when pushing a lady into an empty room~~ it was fun rite? christine were still freaked out after 24 hours.

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