7 Sins

John Doe was no wonder a Roman Catholic, cause he thought people should save themselves in the way he chose. Or he was a derivative of the Catholics, that he believed so strong that only his ways of salvation are just, which no doubt would lead to tyranny and dictatorship, which we had about one hundred years ago.

I, perhaps like some of you, understand, in a way, his motive, or the feeling on those who he reckoned as sinned. Gluttony, Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Sloth, these are natural, or doom-to-be-developed weaknesses of every human beings, we do not hate those who possess the sins, but who indulge and self-justified, especially when we think we are not one of them. And that, is what Detective Somerset and John Doe would both agree with.

One’s just naturally think less of those who are no match with him, the cause of which is the occur of shallowness, that’s why John Doe puked on the superficial man who he met on a subway platform, the man was labeled as superficial only because he liked talking about the girls the weather and other trivial things of daily lives. And he deserved that.

Shallowness itself is not a sin, but the indulgence or the blindness of which makes it a real sin, that’s why Socrate was a saint, “I know that I know nothing”.

Lots of people today do have that kind of sin, the choice to lead a superficial life, and they call it a way to fulfill the commitment of the pursuit of happiness. “Is that supposed to be funny?

However, in the modern society of Capitalism, such sins are tolerated, as long as they don’t develop into crimes. We call it “Freedom”. It’s no doubt a Protestant way to deal with such problem, and lots of us seem to intend to keep it.

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  1. 权当练习英语阅读。

    1. well, 正如我文中所述,从Protestantism 的观点看来,你选择怎样一种方法来生活,是都可以的,因为你只对自己与上帝之间的关系负责。至于韩剧,还是算了吧,我即使在最“生活”的时候,都不会看这种为了制造戏剧的矛盾而不顾一切逻辑的戏种。

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